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Real Options Conference 2024

Academic Papers Proceedings

A Target Zone Model for Corporate Debt
Massimiliano Marzo, Francesco Baldi

Add-On Service Quality and Preemption with Non-Savvy Consumers
Keizo Mizuno, Kohei Daido

An Incumbent and Challenger's Options in Patent Litigation under Different Legal Rules
Danmo Lin, Du Liu, Elizabeth Whalley

Assessment of Risk Sharing Mechanisms in PPP Concessions: An Application in Road Infrastructure in Brazil
Naielly Marques, Katia Rocha

Capacity Investment and Market-Driven Price Caps in Electricity Markets
Jacco Thijssen

Competitive Real Option Portfolio Risk in a Duopoly
Dean Paxson, Roger Adkins, Alcino Azevedo

Energy Transition Policy Options
Frank Heinz, Reinhard Madlener

Evolution and Trends of Real Options under Incomplete Markets: A Bibliometric Review
Rafael Gomez-Gomez, Eliana Morales Zuluaga

Firm Capabilities and Experience in Reactivating Idled Resources: The Case of Oil & Gas Drilling Rigs in Texas
Toby Li, Jan-Michael Ross, Jeffrey J. Reuer

Flexible Use of Green Hydrogen: An Application of the Option to Switch Between Hydrogen and Ammonia in Brazil's Renewable Energy
Antonio Intini, Sidnei Oliveira-Cardoso, Carlos Bastian-Pinto, Roberta Pellegrino

How Do Suppliers' Market Power Changes Affect a Buyer's Investment Decisions?
Benoit Chevalier-Roignant, Stéphane Villeneuve

Incorporating Charitable Endowment in Financing Sustainable Infrastructure PPP Projects: The Case of Islamic Bonds in the Economic Development of Emerging Countries
Wahyu Jatmiko, Rafal Wojakowski, M. Shahid Ebrahim, Novriana Sumarti

Innovation and Product Positioning: When to Add or Replace
Anne Balter, Claudia Nunes, Diogo Pereira, Peter Kort

Integrating Generative Artificial Intelligence and Human Interaction in R&D Management
Du Liu

Interaction of Dividend Policy and Merger Dynamics
Paulo J. Pereira, Artur Rodrigues

Investment and Financing Decisions under Constrained Demand in Infrastructure Projects
Paulo J. Pereira, Artur Rodrigues

Investment in Circular-Economy Additive Manufacturing: An Application to Furniture SMEs
Antonio Piepoli, Roberta Pellegrino, Pierpaolo Pontrandolfo

Irreversibility, Uncertainty, and the Optimal Finance of Public Goods
Yishay Maoz

Learning, Uncertainty Reduction and Optimizing the Location of Delimitation Wells in Hydrocarbon E&P
Wellington Nascimento, Marco Pacheco, Marco Dias, Carlos Bastian-Pinto, Luiz Brandão

Market vs Consensus Negotiation Mechanisms for the Adoption of Industry Compatibility Standards
Laura Delaney, Tarik Driouchi

Optimal Entry Deterrence by an Incumbent under Uncertainty
Richard F. Hartl, Peter Kort, Stefan Wrzaczek

Optimal Management of Biodiversity Preservation Under Uncertainty and Ambiguity Aversion
Elettra Agliardi, Rossella Agliardi, Willem Spanjers

Optimal Strategies for Information Updating, Learning and Investment under Knightian Uncertainty
Junichi Imai, Motoh Tsujimura

Optimal timing and scale of green technology with demand preferences for greener production
Nicos Koussis, Florina Silaghi

Optimal Timing and Scale of Investment in Hydrogen Infrastructure: Is the Hydrogen Fuel Cell Truck a Better Option?
Oana Ionescu, Alain Kibangou

Real Options: Added Returns Versus Added Risk
Arkadiy Sakhartov

Subsidies and Sustainable Tourism: Balancing Demand Guarantees with Environmental Damage from Tourism
Luciana Barbosa, José Carlos Dias, Margarida Marques

Sustainable Agriculture Balancing Build-to-Suit Contract and Carbon Prices: An Application to "Green Cattle" and Farming in Brazil
Marina Lins de Carvalho, Gláucia Fernandes Vasconcelos

The Option to (Re)develop or Abandon a Mature Depreciating Oil Field
Maher Al-sharea

The Timing and Terms of Mergers for Organically Growing Firms
Riccardo Calcagno, Richard Ruble

Using Reinforcement Learning to Value Multi-Factor Option Mining Projects
Yuri Lawryshyn, Reilly Pickard

Valuing Pay-for-Success Contracts in Social and Financial Innovation: A Put Spread Formula
Andreas Andrikopoulos, Andrianos Tsekrekos


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