Environmental Policy Options Workshop

Day 1: Wednesday 19 July 2023

8:30 Ecosystem accounting and biodiversityAlejandro Caparros (Durham University, UK)

9:00 EU Bioeconomies and sustainable developmentJustus Wesseler (Wageningen University, Netherlands)

9:30 ROA and the value of improved climate information - Alistair Hunt (University of Bath, UK)

10:00 Incentives via alternative green bonds designMaximilian Schreiter (HHL, Germany)

11:00 Real Options in Environmental Policy - Yuri Lawryshyn (University of Toronto, Canada)

11:30 Real Environmental (Switching) OptionsDean Paxson (University of Manchester, UK)

12:00 Technology transitions in the presence of uncertain learning curves - Michael Leiblein (Ohio State University, USA)

1:30 Climate risks, policy financing and debt sustainability - Stavros Zenios (University of Cyprus)

2:00 Measuring the social cost of carbon under uncertainty - Christian Gollier (Toulouse School of Economics, France)

2:45 What we know and don’t know about climate change and implications for policyRobert S. Pindyck (MIT, USA)

Day 2: Thursday 20 July 2023


9:00 Carbon Reduction Through Industrial SymbiosisJacco Thijssen (University of York, UK)

9:30 Climate policy toward carbon reduction and greener cities adaptationTine Compernolle (University of Antwerp, Belgium)

10:00 Land use and habitat conservation under uncertainty - Elizabeth Whalley (Warwick University, UK)


1:30 Alternative Firm Environmental Policies for Energy Transition - Babak Jafarizadeh (University of California at Berkeley, USA)

2:00 Wind to Hydrogen: Toward a Sustainable Economy in England - Mi Tian (University of Exeter, UK)

2:30 Powering the future: Harnessing Brazil's clean energy and green hydrogen potentialLuiz Brandao (PUC-Rio, Brazil and U. of Texas at Austin, USA)

3:30 Investment incentives in renewable energyArtur Rodrigues (University of Minho, Portugal)

4:00 Role of subsidies in promoting UK green generating technologiesRoger Adkins (University of Bradford, UK)

4:30 Green investment under subsidy retraction riskRoel Nagy (University of Antwerp, Belgium)